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How Do I Entertain My Bearded Dragon?

What Are The Easy Ways To Entertain Bearded Dragon? Get To Know About Bearded Dragons Accessories!! Men and women are breaking all the stereotypes of having any sort of pets. Domestic pets were ideally kept as a pet at home that appeared affectionate and cute, but with modern times everything has changed majorly. Petting domestic… Read More »

How Quickly Does Rat Poison Work?

Possibly amongst the most typical questions, we often get asked. To begin with, there are numerous factors, which can go on to increase or at times decrease the effectiveness. For instance, well-placed rat toxin in the heavily infested space may lead to an effective result very quickly. Whereas, the rat poison that is placed anywhere… Read More »

Practice Philosophy

We are glad you have chosen the Ludlam-Dixie Animal Clinic as your place for holistic pet care.  As conventional / complementary pet health care providers, we take pride in our ability to guide your pet to optimal health.  With personalized attention, we focus on providing the most effective conventional / complimentary treatments best suited for… Read More »